Saturday 15th July 2017

Saturday 15th July 2017



10:00 - 1:00pm

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Sunday 16th July 2017

12:00 - 3:00pm


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Want to use your knitting skills to transform the clothes in your wardrobe? Come along to this workshop to learn Amy Twigger Holroyd’s mind-bending stitch-hacking technique.


The technique allows you to retrospectively insert a structural graphic design – such as your initials, a symbol or a pattern – into a plain knitted fabric. It is based on a straightforward repair technique, used in a new context: to change a fabric to a new design, rather than repairing it back to its former structure.


In the workshop you’ll create a stitch-hack sampler, learning how to plan a design, open the fabric, create the hack using single- and multi-gauge stitches, and finally graft the fabric closed.



This workshop is suitable for beginners.



All materials and tools are provided.



Amy Twigger Holroyd is a designer, maker, researcher and lecturer who has worked through her experimental knitwear label, Keep & Share, since 2004. She completed her PhD – focusing on reknitting techniques and openness in the fashion system – at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2013.

This workshop will teach you all you need to know to get started on a brioche stitch project.


We will cover:

•Brioche stitch terminology

•How to knit plain brioche stitch

•Understanding the structure of brioche

•'Reading' your brioche

•Working brioche rib stitch in 2 colours



You will need to be able to cast on, knit and purl and cast off.

This workshop is not suitable for beginners.



You will need to provide 4mm circular needles. All other materials are provided.  



Renée Callahan is a knitwear designer and teacher living and endlessly knitting here in East London. Originally from Seattle, where she studied history of art, she came to the UK as an exchange student but fell in love and stayed, changing not only her home town, but also her career when she went back to college to study fashion design with knitwear. She began to knit relatively late, but with the zeal of the newly converted, she found a way to rebuild her life with fibre arts at the centre. She loves to think about knitting construction and to pass the skills on with teaching.

Double Knitting is a versatile and wonderful way of creating stunning effects in reversible, two-sided knitting.  No more wrong side, no unsightly floats, and best of all, two garments in one, as whatever pattern is displayed on the front, shows on the back too, but with the colours reversed.  Magic!


In this class we will be exploring how the basic mechanics of DK work: looking at the structure of the fabric, and how the two sides interact with each other to create the interlocked, reversible beauty that only DK can give you.


We’ll be starting with a two-colour cast on, learning about simple, no-pattern DK (one colour on one side, and a different colour on the other), reading DK charts, changing colours, and while we are learning all of this information, we’ll be creating a cute little coaster.



You will need to be able to cast on, knit and purl and cast off.  You will also need to be familiar with the Long-Tail Cast On. You will also need some experience of working with two yarns at the same time.


This class is not suitable for beginners.



You will need to provide 4mm needles.  All other materials are provided



Nathan Taylor, (aka Sockmatician) is obsessed with double-knitting. He has been knitting seriously since 2011, and designing since around the same time. His passion is for sharing his knowledge of DK with as many people as possible. Nathan is always pushing boundaries, and furthering what is possible within the realms of this addictive and beautiful technique.


Nathan hosts a very popular knitting podcast on YouTube, and particularly champions male knitters, with a view to getting not only more men into knitting, but also getting more patterns aimed at men out there.

He has been teaching double-knitting classes for the last couple of years, and enjoys nothing so much as seeing that lightbulb moment, when someone’s brain clicks, and he knows that a new DKer has been born.

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